Best Power Strips for Your Business in 2022

With so many devices and peripherals in the office, the power strips for the office have to handle more equipment, power surges, and power outages reliably.

Best Power Strips for Your Business in 2022

The power strip is now a part of the office as a computer or printer. And with more computing hardware in the office, the need to protect them from a power surge or outage is crucial. It is much cheaper to replace a power strip than a desktop, printer, or other devices.

There is a wide range of units with varying degrees of usefulness. You’ll definitely want a unit that protects against power surges, lightning strikes, and provides an uninterruptible power supply. However, there’s also no need to get more than you need. We have cultivated a list of some of the best power strips and best surge protectors available on Amazon:

Best Power Strips in 2022

You can find power strips in different sizes, port capacities, and maximum power ratings. Check out our top picks from Amazon:


Belkin Surge Protector with 12-Outlets and Pivot-PlugsBelkin-12-Outlet-Pivot-Plug-Power-Strip-Surge-Protector-8ft-Cord.png

Top Pick: This Belkin model is our top pick for the best power strip. It has 12 rotating outlets, an 8ft cord, and a 4,320-joule rating. The layout for the outlets includes 8 rotating ports and 4 stationary ports. This allows for multiple configurations when it comes to plugging in devices.

The technical specs include 4,320 joule/6,000 volts maximum spike voltage /AC at 15 amps and 1875W of connected devices. There is also an EMI/RFI Noise Filter from 150K Hz – 100M Hz, up to 50dBs. Belkin backs this unit with a lifetime warranty and a $300,000 connected equipment warranty.

Belkin 12-Outlet Pivot-Plug Surge Protector, 8ft Cord(4,320 Joules)

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APC Power Strip with USB Ports – Best Power Surge Protector

APC Surge Protector with USB Ports

Runner Up: When it comes to surge protection and UPS for computing devices, APC is an industry leader. This unit has 11 outlets, a 6ft cord, a 2,880-joule rating, and two USB ports.

All APC surge products undergo IEEE testing to ensure their efficacy in providing a primary level of surge protection. This includes a building wiring fault indicator that warns of potentially dangerous wiring problems in the wall circuitry.

APC Surge Protector with USB Ports, P11U2, 2880 Joule, 6? Cord, Flat Plug

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Amazon Basics 12 Outlet Surge Protector

Amazon Basics 12-Outlet Power Strip Surge Protector

Best Value: As far as no-frills power strips go, this unit from Amazon covers all the bases. It has 12 AC outlets with sliding covers, a 4,320-joule rating, and a 10ft cord.

An active light indicates active surge protection and grounded wiring, while a fireproof MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) adds additional safety by protecting from surges and spikes. And the power on/off switch is integrated with a 15Amp overload resettable circuit breaker.

Amazon Basics 12-Outlet Surge Protector | 4,320 Joule, 10-Foot Cord

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Kasa Smart HS300 Plug Surge Protector

Kasa Smart HS300 Plug Power Strip, Surge Protector

Made by tp-link, the Kasa power strip has six smart outlets, three USB ports, and a 1,710-joule rating. This unit is different because it works with Alexa Echo, Google Home, and Microsoft Cortana without a hub. It connects with a 2.4GHz wireless network.

You can control the six devices connected to this unit using your voice. And if you want to see just how much power those devices are consuming, you can use the Kasa app to monitor each outlet. Not only that, but you can also turn it off from anywhere.

Kasa Smart HS300 Plug Surge Protector with 6 Smart Outlets and 3 USB Ports

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Anker PowerExtend Surge Protector

Anker Power Strip Surge Protector

Anker is known for producing computing peripherals with quality parts and great design. This surge protector has 12 outlets, two 4,000-joule surge protectors, and a 10ft cord. Additional safety features include overload protection, grounded protection, a fire-resistant exterior, and a manual power switch.

This is a robust unit with dual 4,000-joule surge protectors and total wattage of connected devices at 1875W. And Anker offers an 18-month warranty and a $300,000 connected equipment warranty.

Anker surge Protector (2 × 4000 Joules), PowerExtend Strip 12 Outlets with Flat Plug,

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Tripp Lite ISOBAR6Ultra Isobar 6 Outlet Surge Protector

Tripp Lite ISOBAR6Ultra Isobar 6 Outlet Surge Protector Power Strip

If you want a power strip with a solid warranty, the Tripp Lite ISOBAR6Ultra Isobar is your unit. Tripp Lite provides a lifetime limited warranty and $50,000 ultimate lifetime insurance covering any connected equipment damaged by power surges. It features metal housing, six outlets, a 3,300-joule rating, and a six-foot cord.

The layout of the outlets has six widely spaced NEMA 5 15R ports arranged in three exclusive isolated filter banks to limit noise interaction between connected devices. And if there is an overload, the integrated 12A circuit breaker shuts down connected equipment.

Tripp Lite ISOBAR6Ultra Isobar 6 Outlet Surge Protector 6ft Cord, Right-Angle Plug

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Witeem Surge Protector

Power Strip, Witeem Surge Protector with 12-Outlet

With 12 outlets, a 4,360-joule rating, 4 USB charging ports, and a six-foot cord the Witeem surge protector is a strong choice.

This unit can handle up to 1875W/15A of connected devices, and the four USB ports can deliver 5V/6A for a total of 30W. Additional protection comes from the fire-resistant cover and an internal safety shut-off system.

Witeem Surge Protector with 12-Outlet (1875W/15A, 4360Joules)

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EHO High-Speed Charging Station Power Bar

PD 20W USB C Power Strip Surge Protector

EHO offers this 16 in one “power bar” with 10 wide-spaced outlets, three USB C ports, and three USB A ports. Two of the AC outlets are designed for larger plugs, while the other 8 are standard-sized. The USB ports contain Power Delivery 3.0 and Qualcomm 3.0 smart IC charging technology, promising super-fast charging for your devices.

This unit offers 4500 Joules surge protectors with overload protection, protecting your electronics from lightning, surges, or spikes. The overload switch will automatically cut power to your devices when the voltage surge is overwhelming, so it will not get hot during usage.

Desktop High-Speed Charging Station Power Bar 1875W/15A, 4500J

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APS Waterproof Surge Protector

APS IPX6 Waterproof Surge Protector Power Strip

This surge protector by APS with 4 AC outlets and 3 USB ports can power up to 7 devices simultaneously. The sockets are a proprietary design and have a safety lock to prevent accidental shock. Most notably, it can be used outside – it is IPX6 rated to be resistant to rain, splashes and even flowing water.

The AC outlets are rated to provide 1875W/15A power. The USB ports provide 5V/2.4A/12W for each port. This is a small and portable surge protector.

APS IPX6 Waterproof Surge Protector

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Addtam 3-Side Outlet Extender Strip

Surge Protector Power Strip

The three side outlet extender by Addtam has 8 AC outlets and 4 USB ports – 3 USB A and 1 USB C. It comes with a five-foot flat extension cord that fits easily in small narrow spaces. It can be wall-mounted or used on a desk or floor.

This unit offers 3 complementary surge protection circuits(TVS MOV GDT) with a minimum energy-absorbing capacity of 1080 Joules. The overload protection power switch can shut off automatically to keep your devices safe.

Addtam 3-Side Outlet Extender Strip with 5Ft Extension Cord

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HANYCONY Surge Protector

Surge Protector Power Strip, HANYCONY 8 Wide Outlets with 4 USB Charging Ports

This surge protector has a three-sided design with 8 widely set AC outlets and four USB ports with Smart 1C technology. The environmental protection and fire-resistance PC shell with flame retardant at 1382? makes it more durable and gives it a longer lifetime.

This surge protector has overload protection, short-circuit protection, over current protection, over-voltage protection, and overheating protection. It will automatically cut power to protect connected devices when the voltage is overwhelming.

HANYCONY 8 Wide Outlets with 4 USB Charging Ports, 3 Side Outlet

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SUPERDANNY Surge Protector with 22 AC Outlets and 6 USB Charging Ports

Power Strip, SUPERDANNY Surge Protector

This surge protector by SUPERDANNY is CC, RoHS safety certified, with the extension cord and flat plug certified by UL. This surge protector has 22 grounded 3-prong outlets and 6 USB ports, providing power for all devices that you need to plug in at one location.

This company boasts superior surge protection – it is composed of a level 3 complimentary surge protector circuit, including TVs, MOV, and GDT components. The flat plug has a 2100-Joule energy rating. This unit is designed to be easily mounted on a wall or furniture, and the 45-degree angle plug does not cover the bottom receptacle of a duplex outlet.

SUPERDANNY Surge Protector with 22 AC Outlets and 6 USB Charging Ports, 1875W/15A, 2100 Joules, 6.5Ft

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BULL Outlet Extender with USB Wall Plug

BULL Outlet Extender with USB Wall Plug

This is a wall outlet extender and surge protector. BULL offers this lightweight, space-saving option to traditional surge protectors featuring three AC outlets and three USB ports. The maximum power is 1250 watts. Safety features include a built-in smart chip that can control the maximum output of each port under 2.4A for surge protection.

This outlet extender has a button to turn the unit off when not in use. It is made from 1382°F flame retardant material, is UL listed, ETL/FCC/DOE6 listed, and has 200J surge protection.

BULL Outlet Extender with USB Wall Plug Surge Protector

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GE Pro Mini 3-Outlet Power Strip

GE Pro Mini 3-Outlet Power Strip

This small power strip by GE has three AC outlets and a one-foot, braided cord. The maximum electrical rating of 13A/125VAC/1625W makes this small unit ideal for smaller spaces that don’t require a lot of devices plugged in.

The GE Pro Mini has a Best in Class UL listing and is backed by a hassle-free replacement policy.

GE Pro Mini 3-Outlet Power Strip

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Important Features to Look for in Power Strips

Power strips have different features, and it goes beyond just providing additional ports for all your peripherals. Here are some of the key features you should look out for:

A Practical Port Layout

Having many ports is good, but it is pointless if you can’t use them all simultaneously. Make sure the ports are arranged so that you can use them all at the same time. Look for units with rotating outlets if you want the most flexibility.

Enough Ports

Power strips have 4, 6, 8, and even 12 ports. Choose one that will take care of all your devices with one or two to spare. Also, make sure there are USB ports available if you think you will need them.

Indicator Light and Auto Shut Off

Power strips wear out, and when they do, an indicator light will show it is no longer working. When the light is out, it means that the port is no longer protecting your device. Similarly, the auto shut-off feature will stop working if there is a malfunction.

Joule Rating

The higher the joule rating is on your power strip, the more power it can absorb before it fails. If you live in an area that is prone to power surges, get a unit with a high joule rating.

Let-Through Voltage and Surge Protection

This is the peak voltage that the surge protection lets through from a surge to the product it is protecting. The lower limit is a 180 volts peak for standard 120-volt AC power. Think about your power needs and look for units with surge suppressors, or smart surge protectors that will let you know if there is excessive voltage.

Cord Length and Auxiliary Ports

It is always better to have a long cord because you don’t want to use an extension cord with a power strip. And when it comes to auxiliary ports, some surge protectors come with one or more USB A ports and some have USB C ports as well.


Power strips have a wide range of protection levels when it comes to warranties. This can go from one year to a limited lifetime warranty for the device itself and up to hundreds of thousands of dollars in damages for the protected items. However, companies only pay out if the unit is still in its rated time.

Using a Power Strip

When you use a power strip, don’t use an extension cord because it can exceed the surge protector’s rating and the wiring in your home or office. And before you plug it into the wall, make sure the outlet is grounded. Also, don’t cover it with rugs or other items that don’t allow you to see the unit.

Once it is plugged in, check the status lights on the power strip. If there is a fault indicator, such as a red or orange light, don’t plug any of your devices on there. Check with the manufacturer or electrician if you are unsure.

You can start using the unit once all the appropriate lights are on and the unit has been properly installed and grounded. Please follow all the safety precautions the manufacturer has placed on the device.


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